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Our Mission

It is estimated that there could be over 300 billion passwords in the world. Shockingly, an average of almost 100 are stolen every second, equating to over 8 million per day.

Our mission is to help you protect your passwords. Whether you want to securely store your passwords for personal, family or business use, we’re here to help you stay safe.

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Our Founder & Values

Joshua Frisby, Founder

As founder of, my mission is to help you protect your passwords. began as a passion project. After using LastPass for a year, I began to search for alternatives to compare plans. But, the complicated password manager jargon made it difficult to understand exactly what was included in each plan.

As a result, I launched with three core values: everyday language, real research, and impartial advice.

Our Values:

1. Everyday Language

Password manager jargon can be overwhelming and extremely confusing. We explain complicated terms using simple language, so anyone, even non-techies, can understand jargon.

2. Real Research

Our in-house research team tries every password manager so you don’t have to. This means we can write fair, honest, and accurate reviews about each product.

3. Impartial Advice

We don’t just focus on the good, we also highlight the bad – letting you be the judge.